Tools for Scientific Computing in Ruby


Citing NMatrix and SciRuby

If you wish to cite NMatrix in a paper you’re submitting immediately, please use the following citation:

Woods, John O, and the Ruby Science Foundation. 2013. NMatrix: A dense and sparse linear algebra library for the Ruby programming language.

We anticipate papers will be submitted in the near term (by the end of 2013) on NMatrix. If you aren’t publishing immediately, we’d be grateful if you’d check back every so often (or keep an eye out on our Google Group).

To cite SciRuby in general:

The Ruby Science Foundation. 2013. SciRuby: Tools for scientific computing in Ruby.

If you are the author of a SciRuby package and want to have citation instructions here, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Publications that cite us

This is the future site of a list of publications citing NMatrix and SciRuby. If your publication makes use of our libraries, please send us an email (sciruby dot project on gmail) and we’ll make sure to include you here.