Tools for Scientific Computing in Ruby

Introducing the GSoC 2014 D3 Project

Hello. I am Naoki, one of four Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2014 students in SciRuby. Let me introduce my project. The goal of the GSoC 2014 D3 Project is to create a new plotting library for SciRuby. D3.js is the most suitable JavaScript library to achieve this goal.

There are several non-Ruby plotting software libraries in the wild, like ggplot, matplotlib, and ggplot2. Actually, SciRuby already has its own plotting libraries named Plotrb and Rubyvis. The main feature of my project compared with those software packages is interactivity. Interactivity has various meanings here: interactivity when generating plots, interactivity when viewing them, and server–client interactivity. My project includes all of those.

My project can be divided into two components, one JavaScript and the other Ruby. JavaScript serves as a back-end, and Ruby as a front-end. I’m currently working on the former part. Have a look at a few examples I’ve assembled:

This project involves a number of challenges, but I believe it to be achievable during this Summer of Code. Thank you for reading!