Tools for Scientific Computing in Ruby

SciRuby Receives Ruby Association Grant; Fellowships Available

We are incredibly pleased to announce that the Ruby Association has awarded us a 1,000,000 JPY grant.

When we applied, we proposed to build upon our successful SciRuby Summer of Code, which we undertook with the support of Brighter Planet. We are pleased to announce applications for SciRuby fellowships.

Funding Note

A million yen translates to around $12,000, which is nearly enough to hire two graduate or undergraduate students for an academic term. We would like to hire more than one; but for that, we need your help.

Fellowship Terms

  • We plan to provide each fellow with a monthly stipend competitive with her or his home institution (e.g., if research assistants in your graduate program typically receive $1,500 per month, your stipend with us would be $1,500 per month).
  • Tenure will be one semester or one quarter (with an option to renew for a second quarter), depending upon the academic calendar of the student’s home institution.
  • Tenure must begin no later than January 2013.
  • Fellows are expected to work full-time (forty hours per week) on some element of NMatrix.
  • The Ruby Association requires monthly progress reports for stipend payment.
  • Fellows will be assigned mentors, but should expect to work relatively independently unless located near a SciRuby mentor.


  • Fluency in C/C++, Ruby, and the English language.
  • Comfort with git and Github.
  • An understanding of GDB and Valgrind (or similar debugging tools) as well as RSpec.
  • A course of study in the sciences or engineering at an accredited college or university.

To Apply

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You may provide long or short answers, as you feel is appropriate.

Don’t feel that you should limit yourself if you have important things to say; but don’t feel that you have to make things up. Sometimes one word is appropriate, sometimes one sentence, and sometimes many paragraphs.

  1. Contact information. Please provide your email address, GitHub username, and approximate physical location.

  2. Why do you like Ruby?

  3. What do you like about science and why? What area do you like best?

  4. Describe your experience with the following: Ruby, C/C++, other languages.

  5. Describe your educational background (school, degree plan, major, past degrees, research area).

  6. Please describe what you plan to work on for this project. (Check out the NMatrix issue tracker for ideas.)

  7. What would be the outcome of your work?

  8. If selected, you will be providing monthly demonstrations of you work. What milestones do you envision for your project?

  9. Please provide contact information for your graduate program or someone who can offer stipend information.

  10. Please provide a link to your school’s academic calendar.

  11. What other responsibilities do you have during your likely fellowship term? How will you allocate and manage your time?

  12. How do you feel about chunky bacon?

  13. Is there anything else you think we should have asked but didn’t?

Email your answers to sciruby.project on gmail. Please include a resume or curriculum vitae.

Application Deadline

Applications are due by the 31st of October, 2012.