Tools for Scientific Computing in Ruby

Announcing SciRuby Summer Coding Fellowship

We are immensely pleased to announce the first ever SciRuby Summer of Code, sponsored by Brighter Planet.

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The fellowship is intended for undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students interested in going into research.

Fellowship tenure is full-time, May 18th through August 18th (dates are flexible). The stipend is $1,500.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Current enrollment in a graduate or undergraduate program, or completion of such a program within the previous twelve-month period.
  • Good working knowledge of C and Ruby, version control (ideally git), and *nix (Linux, Unix, or Mac).
  • Completion of an introductory course on algorithms and data structures.
  • Demonstrated interest in science/engineering research.
  • Initiative and good communication skills.
  • Access to equipment (e.g., computer with some sort of *nix-like OS, or at least a terminal for ssh).
  • Ideally, U.S. resident status.

To Apply

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You may provide long or short answers, as you feel is appropriate.

Don’t feel that you should limit yourself if you have important things to say; but don’t feel that you have to make things up. Sometimes one word is appropriate, sometimes one sentence, and sometimes many paragraphs.

  1. Contact information. Please provide your email address, GitHub username, and approximate physical location.

  2. Why do you like Ruby?

  3. What do you like about science and why? What area do you like best?

  4. Describe your experience with the following: Ruby, C, other languages.

  5. Describe your educational background (school, degree plan, major, past degrees, research area).

  6. Are you a current or recently-graduated student?

  7. Please describe what you plan to work on for this project. (Check out the NMatrix and SciRuby issue trackers for ideas.)

  8. What would be the outcome of your work over the summer?

  9. If selected, you will be making regular demonstrations of you work over the summer. What milestones do you envision for your project?

  10. What other projects and/or jobs are you working on this summer? How will you allocate and manage your time?

  11. How do you feel about chunky bacon?

  12. Is there anything else you think we should have asked but didn’t?

Email your answers to sciruby.project on gmail. Please include a resume or curriculum vitae.

Application Deadline

Applications are now closed. We hope to offer the fellowship again next year.